how to fix afd sys error blue screen in windows 10 steps? Answer 2022

Sometimes, the installed update could have bugs or not compatible with your hardware. You can also Roll-back the recent driver update installation. Rectify the issue that produced the Blue screen error.

You can stop Windows from automatically restarting after a blue screen error with a few easy steps. Type “System Properties” in your Windows 10 search bar and hit enter. Look for Startup and Recovery under the Advanced tab. Click settings and uncheck the Automatically restart option under System failure to stop your PC from rebooting automatically after the BSOD.

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Similar to other registry cleaners, it also offers a rescue center to keep your previous Windows repairs, which can be restored whenever needed. JetClean has a one-click interface to clean your system. In an add-on tools list, it also has a Registry Defrag option to optimize registries.

Also learn how to run it for packet sniffing without sudo. Ubuntu users can simply right click on the USB and click format. Let’s see how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB in Ubuntu and other Linux distribution. Wait for a few more minutes and you should see a message that it is safe to remove the disk. Now you can unplug it and use it on whichever system you want.

  • Little Registry Cleaner’s main window allows easy access to all features.
  • Failing HDD / SSD Drive – If you’re dealing with a hardware issue, none of the fixes recommended in this article will be effective in your case.
  • The netwtw04.sys error in Windows 10 is a Blue Screen of Death stop code that happens when you open an app or unplug your headphones.

Windows says it is collecting some error info and the real-time progress percentage is shown to you. Start your system in clean boot mode to guarantee that your computer operates without third-party services. Before booting, this will disable any apps and services from third parties, which reduces the possibility of conflicts. See whether you still get the CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED blue screen problem in this clean boot state. When a process required to run the Windows operating system unexpectedly ceases, this error might occur. It can also result from corrupt system files, which can be restored with Windows troubleshooting tools.

So, here you have to wait until the process is finished. After completion of the process, it will give you a report of your hard disk health. It will fix some fixable issues or it will recommend you to buy a new HDD. The BSOD error on Windows 11 occurs suddenly when you are at work and force you to restart.

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Once you are logged into your Windows, start applying our below-described methods. If you cannot bypass this error and cannot log into Windows normally, you will need to boot into Safe Mode with Networking. Skip this step only if you can start your Windows normally. To find out how to start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, read this guide and use the “Interrupt Windows Boot Process” method described in the previously given link. There are a few things that you can do in order to try and fix an afd sys error blue screen in Windows 10. Btw, on the last data and photos, you can definitely try restoring that from the hard disk if the disk space has not been overwritten again.

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If any of your dynamic volumes are marked as compromised even though they are healthy, it indicates I/O errors in the underlying part. It may be because of the disk, but it is all volumes are at risk. The solution is to use the Import foreign disks option. All you have to do is right click on the disk and use the option. After importing the disk, all existing volumes on the foreign disk become visible and accessible when you import the disk. If the disk is already online but does not have a drive letter (eg, C, D, E, etc.), right-click and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

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